What is a custom domain and what does it do, The benefits of a custom domain.

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In the last post I taught you how to open a simple blog site and how to make general changes. Link 🔗

How to add a custom domain to your blog site. Link 🔗

What is a custom domain and what does it do?

Domain is an IP address that will take you to that specific address of the browser if you search by entering. Such as: - google.com, Facebook.com, BoyzTech.com are separate domains. The job of the domain is to move to a specific host and read the host.

The site I taught you to create in the previous post had the default domain in Blogger (example.blogspot.com). This is the default subdomain of Blogger. But if you want to take only example.com without writing blogspot, then you must buy a domain and add it to Blogger. The domain that is bought separately and added to Blogger is called the custom domain.

Benefits of a custom domain:

  1. Since the custom domain is small, users can find it very easily.
  2. The site looks professional.
  3. SEO is easy to do.
  4. Easy to Ranking.
  5. Easy to get Adsense approval.
  6. Get more visitor in website.
  7. Many subDomains can be created under the same domain. E.g. bn.BoyzTech.com🔗

Disadvantages of custom domains:

There are no disadvantages to custom domains.

  1. It is to buy. Which takes some money. Think it costs to buy.
  2. It has to be renewed annually.

Note: The above reasons are not a disadvantage.

What is hosting? Does Blogger Need a Host?

The host is the place where you store the posts and images of your site. Those who use WordPress need a separate host. But Blogger does not need a separate host.

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