How to open a blog and earn Lifetime from there.

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Due to the current situation, almost all the people of the country are under house arrest. Because we have to adhere to social distances. That's why everyone has turned to the Internet. Everyone wants to earn income sitting at home.

So everyone is doing different online freelancing courses at home. Such as graphics design, social marketing, web design and development, blogging, etc. Many of them are earning huge amount of income.

Our today's topic is blogging

A good amount of income can be earned by blogging. You do not have to be an entry level expert to do this.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online personalized magazine. Here individuals can post as they wish and readers can leave their comments. is a blog site.

How to open a free blog site

If you want to earn income by opening a blog site for free, then is the best for you. Here you will find everything from hosting domains to free. Blogger Storage, Bandwidth Unlimited. No matter how many visitors come, the server will not have any problem. Blogger controlled by google gives you more security.

Rules for creating blog sites or Blogger account opening rules:

  1. First you have to go to
  2. Click on Create Account.
  3. Blog title must be given.
  4. Blog address must be given.
  5. Then you have to give your display name or username.

The blog site has been opened, now it's time to customize.

Rules for customizing blogs properly:

First step: -

  1. Open the left slide bar.
  2. Now click on the theme option.
  3. Click on Restore theme.
  4. Now select the theme you like from your file and upload it.

Note: You must download a free or paid theme before performing the above steps.

Once the theme has been uploaded-

Second step: -

  1. The slide bar must open.
  2. Click on the Layout option.
  3. Then you have to remove the rest by keeping the required gazette.

This is where the work of creating a blog website ends.

How to make income from the site?

Before making income from the site, you must make at least 20 posts of 500+ words on your site (there is no specific necessity) You have to add your website to Google search console.

What is Blog Site, How to open a blog and earn Lifetime from there.

Once the web blog with 20 posts is ready, you need to apply for Google AdSense. Once approved, you will be able to earn Lifetime Income.

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