How to Add Custom Domain In Blogger Step by Step

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How to add custom domain in Blogger

In the last post I taught you how to open a simple blog site and how to make general changes. Link:

Today I will teach you how to add a custom domain to your blog site.

What is a custom domain? What is a host? What are the benefits of a custom domain? 

Rules for adding a custom domain to Blogger:

Step 1: Blogger

  1. Login to Blogger first.
  2. Open the Slidebar option.
  3. Click on the Settings menu.
  4. Find the Publishing section.
  5. Click Add Custom Domain.
  6. Enter your domain name (
  7. Click the save button.
  8. Now a new window will open. There will be two 'Name' and two 'Destination'. These have to be copied. There will be a link to 4 IP addresses, open the link and copy 4 IPs.

Step 2: Domain Provider Dashboard

  1. Login to the Domain Providers Dashboard.
  2. Click on Domain Management.
  3. Now click on DNS Management.
  4. Click Add New Record.
  5. Now paste the copied text from 'Name' in Blogger to 'Host Name'.
  6. Select 'Cname' in 'Record type'.
  7. Paste the copied text from 'Destination' in the 'Address' bar.
  8. Repeat the above three steps and paste the second 'Name' and 'Destination'.
  9. For 4 IP Address, click on Add New Record, Write '@' in 'Host Name', select 'Cname' in 'Record type' and paste the IP address in the 'Address' bar.
  10. In this way, paste 4 IPs one by one and save.
  11. Go to Blogger again and repeat steps 1's 1-7.

Note: The custom domain will take some time to be added.

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