What are the best freelancing site- FIVERR, FREELANCER, UPWORK, PEOPLE PER HOUR Advantage & Disadvantage

What are the best freelancing sites for beginners?

What are the best freelancing site- FIVERR, FREELANCER, UPWORK, PEOPLE PER HOUR Advantage & Disadvantage
Best freelancing marketplace for beginners

People who haven't heard of freelancing may not be found these days. Many are now turning to freelancing because of the convenience of working remotely in their convenient time and the opportunity to earn a handsome amount of income. Starting a normal business in our society requires capital. But even though freelancing is a kind of business, it is a bit different to start it because your own skill in this sector is capital. There are many freelancers who create their own business site and provide services to the clients there. But for those who are new, freelancing from their own website is not possible in the beginning. Online freelancing sites are very helpful in this situation. There are currently plenty of freelancing sites or marketplaces, not all of which are beginner friendly. So in today's article I will discuss in detail which are the best freelancing sites for beginners. I hope everyone will learn something new from today's important discussion.

Should beginners work on a freelancing site at the initial stage?

I know this cochlear is spinning in the minds of many now. Since today's article is about the best freelancing site for beginners, I am answering this question at the beginning.

In fact, it is true that if you have your own freelancing business, it becomes much easier to serve clients there. Because you don't have to follow any strict rules and regulations to provide services like online freelancing sites in your own business; In short, there is independence. But at the same time, it is true that a beginner in the freelancing sector, in most cases, does not have the ability to run his own business. Because he is new to this, which is why he does not have previous experience of his work. So the clients will not trust him and take service from him. Secondly, if you have skills in only one sector, you cannot use it to run a business. Rather, it requires ENAF experience, marketing strategy and communication skills.

What are the best freelancing sites for beginners?

Now surely you understand how difficult and challenging it is for beginners to run their own freelancing business at the initial stage? This is exactly why I would say to beginners to work in different online marketplaces. This will increase their expertise in their own work sector which will boost up their confidence As well as working with different clients, communication skills will increase and they will also understand how to create a marketing strategy to attract clients. So I would suggest beginners to work on the online freelancing site at the initial stage for a while. By doing this, they will get the biggest benefit at the end of the day.

Advantages and disadvantages of working on a freelancing site

Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for working on a freelancing site. So let's find out without delay what are the advantages and disadvantages that a beginner can face while working on various freelancing sites online.


1. Understand exactly what kind of service clients want in their sector.

2. Having an idea of ​​how it is possible to convince clients by communicating with them.

3. Working on different projects enhances the experience which helps to increase one's own reputation.

4. The most important thing is to be able to find work in less time and at the same time get easy payment.


1. The biggest problem with freelancing sites is that if you make a little mistake in following the rules and regulations on these sites, the account can be temporarily suspended or permanently banded.

2. Clients often hire freelancers for a small fee. There are also fake clients who actually scam the service.

3. Some freelancing sites charge a hefty fee which makes it a bit tough for beginners to afford.

4. Competition is high as more freelancer services are provided in the same sector which causes beginners to struggle to find work.

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