How to make money through Google Adsense. Earn Money Online

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Hope everybody is well. Although I don't know how you spend your time in lockdown. Lockdown has caused many financial problems. Today I will tell you a way to make a passive income.

How to Earn Money Online though Google Adsense, Earn Money Online,

How to make money online from home via smartphone?

Many of us know that Google AdSense is a great source of passive income online and that is why many people are "blogging" or "YouTubing". In this case, Blog is more successful than YouTube. Because by blogging you can easily get "Google Adsense" (no obligation).

Why would I blogging?

You can easily earn money online by blogging. There are many people who are earning up to $ 1000 by blogging. You can earn at least 100 per month. You can do this as a part time job. This can be very helpful for students. They will be able to earn money for their studies by blogging in between their studies. This is a freelance job, you can do as you wish.

Why would I "blogging" instead of "YouTubing"?

In the current context, it is very difficult to get AdSense through YouTube. Because to get AdSense from "YouTube Channel" you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. But that’s not the case with bogging. Only if you have 10 + 15 unique posts on your website.

How do I Blogging?

Very simple,

You can blog with the touch screen phone in your hand. That's why you need to write "content" on topics that you have ideas and experience on. Need to have some more "basic" knowledge which you will find in the next post.

What should I write about? How to write?

There is no obligation in writing.

You can write about that subject as an expert.

Here are some categories for your convenience:

  • News (must be updated daily)
  • Science and technology
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Questions and answers etc.

In addition to the above topics, there are many more topics you can write about.

Note: There may be a problem in writing in the initial way. Not anymore. And gradually you will become aware of everything.

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