Some memories from a freelancer's biography | Freelancer "MD Nasim

 I am Md. Nasim

Many of the words I'm writing today may not sound good to you. I request to read the whole hour. If the words have hurt someone, I apologize at the beginning.

Some memories from a freelancer's biography | Freelancer "MD Nasim"
Freelancer Nasim

I started leaning towards freelancing in 2009-2010-2011. Today, 2021 is almost 10 years old. There are many memories of life in these 10 years. A history of many incidents, many laughter and tears. Which I may never get to say to anyone with an open mind. When I silently think about the past, water droplets become present in the eyelids.

However, I do not want to waste your time writing them.

I make a living by freelancing, I lost my father in December 2016. Whom I thought was the biggest idol of my life. Sometimes I get angry with this man. Why lose so quickly !! Hmmm !! ? So quickly passed the world over my head. Who can I call to show that I can run the family? I think these words to myself, sometimes I smile again. Whatever it is, he must be watching from the other side.

I have been acquainted with you in this Facebook neighborhood from 2016 to today. Before 2018, I was always busy with freelancing. When I got my own money, then I thought I would teach others a little. With this in mind, I started making videos about freelancing in early 2018. Gradually today there are 12 million followers on YouTube and 12 million on Facebook. I also received the YouTube Golden Play Button Award at One Million. Your love contributes a lot behind everything.

I have come in contact with this virtual world and given many speeches. Which may have hurt the minds of many. My religion is Islam, so I will request everyone to think of the brother of religion and look at him with forgiveness.

Not without writing about the freelancer brothers

There are many more freelancer elder brothers and younger brothers in Bangladesh. Among them I am also a small freelancer. Maybe to some I like and to some I dislike. It could happen. My humble request to everyone will be, let's all go back to our work. We develop ourselves and our country together.

Let me tell you a little bit about the recent incident with Fiber Bangladesh Group.

Brother Kamruzzaman, if you have read this post, I am younger than you, if you feel any disrespect in that case, try to look at it with elegant vision as younger brother. I currently have no complaints against anyone. I sincerely apologize for what has happened in the past. Kamruzzaman also wrote the same thing. Man is only wrong, and so if there is a mistake, Allah the Almighty has repeatedly spoken of reconciliation in his advice. We basically tried to follow that. I also denied my complaint from the police station. And our esteemed senior freelancer Shahjahan  has handled this whole affair. The man who talks to her for the first time will become her fan. I have known him since 2012, yesterday I had the opportunity to talk for about 54 minutes. I have received a lot of advice during this time. He has a lot more to learn.

I would like to make one last demand to all the freelancer brothers, we all work together, if someone dislikes or is angry with someone, it is better to discuss it privately without hesitation or opposition.

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We don't do anything so that we don't get hurt.

I would like to share with you some changes in my activities: -

I currently make videos on YouTube as well as my freelancing work. Income comes from that too. So I also share time from freelancing on YouTube. I like independent life. And it is not desirable for successful people to be engaged in a single task. I always try to do something better. So for the last 10 years I have been doing YouTube freelancing.

At present we run a software services and training institute called "FN Software and Institute". Wherever an income road has been built, some boys have been employed. Interested Rao on the other hand has found a temporary learning place. Many are successful from here. Someone is trying again.

Because before you say it, you need to know a little bit about my mental state.

As the days go by we usually say "" the days before were good "

The case is the same in my case. I became known online virtually by my own will, no one forced me to do so. And for this I have received a lot of love and I have been hated by many. The main thing is that if you have thousands of loves and love reactions, it is foolish to think of yourself as something big. It is true that in times of danger no one can be found except parents, brothers, sisters and relatives. In front of us there is a sea creature. It needs to be mentioned that some have had to leave the country, some have had to go to Lok Sabha, some have had to give their lives, some have become street fakirs again. Many may be in danger. None of the millions of followers on Facebook have come out next to them.

Because even if you feed people roasted liver, you will hear that the "salt" has decreased. That is the reality.

However, I am quietly doing my own thing, making videos on YouTube and continuing the institute.

Many people email me all the time, different requests come, at the end of all, only one request brother teach me. I am poor man, have no money, etc.

The only reason to mail these is because I have tried to cooperate in such a way before. So maybe many people do the same approach.

Lastly, I would like to say to everyone very politely: -

See, neither I nor you are relative to anyone. There must be brotherhood for the sake of religion.

But it is not possible to cooperate with anyone if I want to. Whether it is with money or whatever.

From today onwards, I will never take any kind of free initiative in a hurry. If there is any commercial matter, I will deal in a completely commercial way. I have seen a lot of observations, everything I have done so far has come in the virtual, the loss has been more than the profit tie many times. I will not say that there was no profit.

However, writing does not end there. The whole discussion may seem bad to many. I apologized at the beginning. I am finishing again with the same expectation.

Good luck to everyone.

For my next walk.

Everyone's prayer candidate.


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