SHAREit's alternative Best file share app

SHAREit's alternative file share app.

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শেয়ারইট এর বিকল্প ফাইল শেয়ার অ্যাপ | SHAREit's alternative best file share app

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a file-sharing app, which allows you to take free files, data, apps, and all mobile files from one phone to another.

Recently a lot of ads are being shown in the SHAREit app. Moreover, their ads are no longer good type, here adult ads are shown which is very annoying. As soon as the mobile data is turned on, the notification panel is filled with their ads. Which makes the phone a bit solo, lags.

Which app can I use as a SHAREit option?

How easy it would be if the file could be shared with the mobile file manager app.

You can use Google's "Files" app as an alternative to SHAREit. This is a trusted app. It can be used for free. Many phones have building installed. The Google Files app does not show any ads. This app comes with a built-in memory cleaner that helps to delete duplicate files from memory, moreover, the app cache cleans and boosts the phone. From now on, you can clean temporary app files, which will make your phone much smoother.

How do I share files through Google Files?

  • Open Files by Google.
  • Click on the share option at the bottom.
  • Then the two options named send and receive will open.
  • You need to give some permissions like - Location.
  • Now you are ready to share or receive files.

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