How to off ads showing from Phone Master app

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We install apps on our mobile phones for different needs or tasks.

But it can be seen that unnecessarily, there are innumerable ads shown in those apps.

One such essential app is PhoneMaster.

This app has many features. The app is incomparable in meaning and quality. The app is installed by default on itel mobile. But recently Google and Facebook ads have started to show in this app. That is why there are many problems to use the app.

How to remove ads from the PhoneMaster app?

1. The first way is to take a premium subscription.

2. The second way -

You need to follow a few steps to remove Ads from the Phone Master App.

(excluding itel phone users)

  1. First, uninstall the phone master app on your phone.
  2. Open any browser on the phone.
  3. Search by typing "Phone Master APKpure."
  4. Click on the link to APKpure's website.
  5. Scroll down.
  6. Click on App Version
  7. Download this version.
  8. Now install it.

How to remove ads from phone master app

For Itel phone users

Clear the data and storage of the phone master app on your phone. This will uninstall your phone's default app update. As a result, ads will no longer show.

Note: If you update the app later, the ads will show again.

Do you know how to remove Google ads from the app?

  • With premium subscription.
  • By downloading the old version of the app.

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