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Graphics design with mobile?

If photography / videography / youtube can be done with mobile then why graphic design cannot be done.

Graphics can also be designed with mobile, but only in a short range. You can also do many more designs like "logo design", "banner design", "card design".

But you can't figure out the "path". There are many other things you can't do without a computer.

How to design graphics with mobile?

I understand everything but how do I design graphics with mobile? I do not have any such app on my mobile? If not, download the app like 'canva' and 'pixellab'. But I will recommend to do with pixellab.

I myself am a pixellab user. With this app you can easily create the logo or banner of your choice.

Some common questions:

How / where to learn mobile graphics design?

Is there a premium course in Mobile Graphics Design?

If so, from whom would it be better?

It would be better not to take any premium course to learn graphic design with mobile. I will personally ask you to learn by watching the YouTube tutorial video.

Do I need to purchase pixellab premium?

If you don't keep good mobile data off, ads don't show.

Can I use the mod version?

Since the mode version is illegal, it would be better not to use it. It is a very personal matter.

How to upload PLP?

Click on the top 3 dot on the right side of pixellab to get 'open plp'. From here, select the specific file in your specific folder.

How to share the PLP of your fabricated design?

First you need to save your design as a pixellab project. Then click on the 3 dot at the top right of pixellab to get 'open plp'. From here you will see the share icon on the right side of your specific design. Click on the share icon and select the specific folder and save your file.


  1. I am a youtuber. I was finding a graphics designing app to make some logos. After a long search I have find it here.

  2. i am youtube, fb steamer, We have to use this watch for the banner. Thanks for providing more information

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