Adsense Low velue content and Duplicate Account issue and solution

Adsense Low value content and duplicate account problems and solutions


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Today's topic is the AdSense issue.

For those who are working with AdSense in the current 2021, about the two issues, the most, the most annoying, the worst.

The issue is

1: - Low velue content

2: - Duplicate account

Today we will learn more about these two problems and solutions.

 Low velue content

Low velue content issue is a common issue for those who work on website disapproval.

But for those who are new and don't know seo well, for those who can't get traffic from Google, 'Low velue content' is a serious issue. Their website is repeatedly rejected for low value content.

Reasons for 'Low Value Content' in adsense?

The issue of 'low value content' comes up due to lack of real visitors or bot visitors to the website, i.e. lack of traffic from Google to the website.

Low velue content solution:

Your website to solve low quality content

1: Submit to Google search console.

2: Proper SEO so that.

3: Write high quality content.

4: Write about viral topics.

Duplicate account

Why duplicate account?

The duplicate account problem is a very complex problem. Duplicate account comes if someone has more than one AdSense account on their device. Because Google allows an AdSense in the name of a person. Moreover, this error also occurs due to using the same name, the same address exactly. The optional phone number is also sometimes blamed.

Adsense Duplicate account solution:

1: If you have already opened an AdSense account, use it.

2: If absolutely necessary, open an account in his name from someone else's device in the family.

3: Try another device.

4: If you do not have the necessary files, factory reset the phone.

5: If you do not have the necessary files or backup, give Windows.

Note: After working 4,5 number above, you must apply from the new account. And you can't login to your previous Gmail account until it's approved.

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