Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) directed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to shut down regional and local level cash servers

Suffering from internet use may increase due to BTRC's bizarre decision!

Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) directed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to shut down regional and local level cash servers

Recently, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) directed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to shut down regional and local level cash servers. It can be said that such a decision is unreasonable and foolish. If this directive is implemented, internet users will suffer from buffering problems on various social media and video platforms including YouTube, Facebook or internet costs will increase several times.

What is a cache server?

Cache servers are mainly used to reduce the distance between the main server and the users. Simply put, the main servers like YouTube and Facebook are in the US, but if you have to get data directly from the US servers when using YouTube and Facebook, it will be extremely slow. So to solve this problem, most platforms including YouTube and Facebook now use caching technology. This technology provides cache servers to various Internet providers, whose job is to bring the exact information of the original server to the cache server from being constantly connected to the main server. And when users use YouTube or Facebook or other similar services, they will no longer search for servers in the United States, but will show you data from nearby servers. It's a lot like a local network. If you notice, you will see that many times while browsing the website, the performance of YouTube and Facebook is slow, but it is much faster, because there are hundreds of internet service providers in Bangladesh and YouTube and Facebook's cash server. And when connecting to the Internet, ISPs specify the speed of the Internet and the speed of Facebook-YouTube separately. This is possible because of this cache server.

This decision of BTRC is nothing but nonsense!

This caching technology has changed the internet technology all over the world, now cash server or caching technology is being used to make almost all types of internet dependent services available to the customers starting from various websites not only YouTube and Facebook. Due to the caching facility only, the number of internet subscribers in Bangladesh has increased several times. For those who work in video creator and ecommerce, freelancing and outsourcing using various social media platforms, Cash Server has brought a radical change and many benefits. It can be said that foreign remittances have multiplied through this facility, coming to millions of dollars every month. This is because the number of entertainment-loving internet users in the country has increased due to the availability of bufferless video play and fast browsing, as well as the number of video creators to provide entertainment has multiplied.

This strange decision by the BTRC shows how weak their perception of this cash technology is. Although the BTRC has said that cash will be cut off at the regional and local levels, meaning that cash servers will be switched off at Internet providers in all branches except the main gateways, the data suggests that . And I would say that BTRC has no idea how much YouTube and Facebook bandwidth users use every day, if it had, this decision would never have come. If this decision is effective, users across the country will have to get services through a handful of cash servers, which will have to suffer the users. Because internet bandwidth is required to use Facebook and YouTube, browsing a simple website does not require much bandwidth. At present, a customer can continue all his work with only 500 rupees internet because he can watch FourK movies with that 500 rupees internet due to cash facility. But when the cash server is down, there will be no more work with 500 rupees internet, then you will also need to watch a four-K movie with at least 5 Mbps dedicated bandwidth which will cost at least 2000 rupees per month (this is just an example). And most of the internet users in our country use the internet to watch Facebook and YouTube. Then you understand where the suffering can go and stand.

While the government is trying to make the Internet accessible to all parts of the country, to provide internet facilities at one rate at a time, the sudden decision to shut down cash servers is tantamount to self-contradiction, endangering the country's users.

Ridiculous argument for shutting down the cash server!

The BTRC cited national security as the reason for shutting down the cash server. But to be honest, security risk has nothing to do with the cache server, because the cash server is just a replica of the original server, and the idea that it could lead to a cyber attack is nothing but nonsense. Such an argument of a high-tech organization like BTRC is really ridiculous! Filtering any content can be done from the main gateway which is done regularly, and the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Division of Bangladesh is quite skilled in this regard.

Let's move forward, not backward ...

In our country too in the past we have been deprived of many great benefits of technology only due to lack of technology knowledge and wrong decisions of our policy makers. So such a wrong decision is no more.

In a country where the IT advisor himself is a high-tech expert, implementing such a drastic decision will leave the country behind, the neighboring countries will laugh at us,

And our generation will be deprived of many benefits.

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